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Nicholas Dose, DMD Family Dentistry
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Meet Riley

Our Therapy Dog in Training

About Riley

We are pleased to introduce our special member at the practice, Riley. She is a golden retriever born in June 2015 and spends time at the office as a therapy/comfort dog.

Riley has a sweet personality and loving nature, and she adores being able to greet and spend time with each of our patients.

She stays in the back office throughout the day but can be brought out upon request. She loves being petted and will sit next to you during your appointment.

Nicholas Dose, DMD Family Dentistry
Nicholas Dose, DMD Family Dentistry

Update 5/1/2021

As Riley’s sixth Birthday approaches, she continues to be a source of warmth and smiles at the practice. Patients have enjoyed being greeted by Riley as well as spoiling her with treats.

Just as the majority of Americans are receiving their COVID-19 vaccinations, Riley is also due for her updated dog vaccinations. Luckily Riley loves visiting the vet!

With the longer summer days approaching, Riley is looking forward to playing in the sun, joining Dad on runs, and visiting her favorite place, Black Butte Ranch in Central Oregon.