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Early Detection Saves Lives

Get Your Lake Oswego Oral Cancer Screening

Cancer is a debilitating disease that we hope never touches any of the lives of our family of patients.

Being your dentist in Lake Oswego, oral cancer is always on our radar when we’re examining your mouth and cheeks.

It’s all part of your thorough, comprehensive oral examination that we proudly provide to all of our patients.

Starting with your initial visit when you first join our dental family at Nicholas Dose, DMD Family Dental Care, through every appointment after that, take comfort in knowing you’ll receive a skilled visual and manual oral cancer screening.

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What Can I Expect From My Oral Cancer Screening?

There are numerous ways and various devices we can use for your oral cancer screening. However, one of the most effective methods is to simply let Dr. Dose have a look around the inside of your mouth, cheeks, lips, throat, etc. Using his keen eye and advanced training, he’s able to see the often mild or almost undetectable signs of the disease during your Lake Oswego oral cancer screening. Every time you sit on our dental chair, we’re going to be on alert for anything suspicious. The earlier you detect oral cancer, the better chances you have of getting rid of it.

How it’s Done

Whether you’re a new patient or a longtime member of our Lake Oswego dental family, we treat oral cancer screening the same way. You’ll be asked to open wide while we carefully inspect your mouth, beginning with your lips and gums. From there we check the health of your cheeks and tongue. There are special bumps and discolorations that can be early warning signs that we’ll want to detect early on in your oral cancer screening. It’s important to keep up with your regular visits and cleaning, so we can monitor any changes or something suspicious.

Why Oral Cancer Screenings Are Important

“It can save your life.” That’s probably the first thing we would tell someone wanting to know if an oral cancer screening is really necessary. Every healthcare provider will tell you that early detection of oral cancer is going to dramatically increase your chances of treating it successfully. Studies show that a dentist like Dr. Does can diagnose about 84 percent of oral cancer cases early due to their extensive training and expertise. If you have a history of cancer in your family, it can give you good peace of mind to get your oral cancer screening.

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