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We Hear Lake Oswego Snoring

Here’s Why It Could Be Sleep Apnea

There’s something keeping us up at night, and that’s Lake Oswego snoring. We hear from patients of all ages about how bedtime can divide a bedroom or household because it’s so loud, disruptive, and downright annoying. But what about the person who’s causing all the commotion with their snoring? They could actually have a potentially dangerous condition known as sleep apnea, which is so much more than snoring. Sometimes patients with this condition can wake up as many as 100 times every night while sleeping and snoring their way through it all without even knowing. Sleep apnea can be dangerous.

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What is Sleep Apnea?

If you’re looking for an effective, comfortable Lake Oswego snoring solution, Dr. Dose and the team might be able to help steer you in the right direction towards better sleep. But first, let’s talk about what sleep apnea is and why it’s a common health issue for so many people at any age. Sleep apnea occurs when your regular breathing is interrupted, even stopped, while you’re trying to sleep. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is the most common form of the disease. It usually occurs when the soft tissue in your throat collapses during rest. Men are more likely to develop this disorder.

What are Common Sleep Apnea Symptoms?

Adults over the age of 40 who are overweight, have large tonsils, a large tongue, or a small jaw are at risk for sleep apnea. A family history of sleep apnea and also a deviated septum, allergies, or other sinus conditions can also contribute to sleep apnea. Here are some common sleep apnea signs and symptoms to look out for in your family:

  • Loud, continuous snoring
  • Excessive fatigue or daytime sleepiness
  • Stopping breathing during sleep
  • High blood pressure
  • Nighttime sweating
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Abrupt awakening with gasping or choking for air
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Depression or irritability

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What Are My Treatment Options?

Dr. Dose works with sleep apnea patients on a case-by-case basis. Some patients have had success using intra-oral appliances that are worn to bed to help keep their airway open. Talk to us about how we can help you by billing through your insurance for your custom oral device.

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We’re helping to quiet Lake Oswego snoring!

Talk to us about your sleep apnea solutions.

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