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Are Digital X-rays Safe?

added on: April 25, 2021

Nicholas Dose, DMD Family DentistryX-rays are an extremely important tool in dentistry. They allow us to take a peek in areas that we can not see otherwise. The development of the digital format gives us the information we need and is significantly safer for our patients then the standard x-rays you may remember from your childhood.

At Family Dental Care in Lake Oswego, Dr. Dose is happy to discuss and demonstrate how digital x-rays are not only safe, but a benefit to you.

What can you see in an x-ray?

X-ray images go below the tissue. This quick and painless scan allows us to examine what we can’t see. We are able to look for signs of cysts, infection, and if there is any damage or atrophy to the jawbone. Additionally, we can observe the severity of a cavity or examine teeth that have not yet erupted or are impacted.

How are Digital X-rays different?

Digital X-rays are different than traditional in many ways, including:

The time it takes for the digital image capture is much faster than the time it takes to capture the image on film. This means that you are subject to significantly less radiation because of the speed at which digital goes. The amount of radiation exposure is anywhere from 75-90% less.
The resolution of digital images is much higher. We are able to display large images of your x-rays on a screen next to your chair, we can zoom in and out of spots of interest while we talk.
The ability to save these images in our computer. No more walls of file cabinets, that allow things, including tiny little x-ray images, to be lost, all of your x-rays are saved in a computer file under your name.
The ability to directly email those images to other specialists when needed. We are able to engage in dialogue, while viewing your x-rays, with other dentists in various specialties as needed, benefiting you.

Digital x-rays are a huge advancement in dentistry that we know you will love. Please contact us if you have any questions about digital x-rays.

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