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Are Spicy Peppers Dangerous To Your Gum Tissues?

added on: April 25, 2021

On a diet

A lot of people love spices. Some cannot take food without spices. There are certain tribes in the world that love spices and add them to every dish. We must admit that spices make everything delicious. But whether they have a negative impact on the gum tissues is a question that many ask. Good news! Spicy foods do not damage your teeth. However, it is best to practice moderation in your intake because too much of something, as we all know, is dangerous. Too much spicy food can cause several issues in your mouth.

Affect Sensitive Teeth

If you have sensitive teeth triggered by tooth decay or receding gum lines, you may not enjoy spicy foods as much. This is because sensitive teeth can be overly sensitive to spicy foods just like they are sensitive to sweet foods. The high acid levels plus the heat from the spices can make spicy foods less enjoyable to someone with sensitive teeth.

Heighten Acid Reflux

Though spicy foods do not have a negative impact, the acid reflux from the foods may bring about erosion of the teeth and make the enamel weak. If you have high acid reflux from consuming spicy foods, we advise that you cut back on your spice consumption. This will help your teeth and stomach.

Discolor Your Teeth

Some ingredients in spicy foods can discolor your teeth if consumed often. For instance, curry has turmeric that can leave your teeth stained with the yellow color if consumed often. Hot sauce also has a dark color that, over time, can discolor your teeth as well. It is, therefore, best to consume these foods in moderation.

Spices are good and make food tasty. However, you should ensure that you consume them moderately to keep your teeth safe from the negative effects above. Call us today for more information.

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