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Are the Crowns of Your Teeth Too Short?

added on: April 25, 2021

Dental crowns and toothAre you unhappy with the appearance of your gummy smile or short teeth? If so, you might feel disappointed every time you look in the mirror or shy away from taking photos with loved ones. We aren’t all born with a perfect gum-to-tooth ratio, and if you feel the crowns of your teeth are too short, there are ways that we can help.

When Your Teeth Are Shorter Than Average

If your teeth appear short in comparison to your gums, the first thing to do is determine the cause. Are your teeth just naturally short, or have overgrown gums caused them to appear shorter? In the case of overgrown gums, re-contouring can help, removing excess gum tissue so that your smile appears balanced. This will ultimately make your teeth appear longer.

Not all issues of short teeth will be the result of gum overgrowth, and if your teeth are just smaller than “average”, other options can help. Specifically, you may want to lengthen your existing teeth with dental crowns or porcelain veneers. An issue of a single tooth or several consecutive teeth might be treated with crowns, but if you feel that all of your teeth appear to be too short, veneers might be a better solution.

Choosing Veneers to Treat Short Teeth

For short teeth, treatment via veneers is easy and effective. Naturally small teeth may not require any shaving or alternations before thin porcelain shells are placed over them. These shells are placed over each individual tooth, and while they will make teeth appear longer, they can also correct issues like gaps, stains, and other dental imperfections.

If you are unhappy with your short teeth, you should know that help is out there. Give our office a call today to find out how we can give you the smile of your dreams.

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