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Are There Dangers to Your Mouth from Oral Piercings?

added on: April 25, 2021

Nicholas Dose, DMD Family DentistryIn today’s society, having an oral piercing is not the most astonishing thing ever. There are so many young and sometimes old people who want to express their style by adorning a shiny tongue or lip piece of jewelry.

Others even pierce the tissue held at the back of the throat. It is not an illegal act. However, it could be posing an oral health danger to the individual, especially if they are wearing metallic pieces on the piercings.

How Does The Piercing Affect My Oral Health?

A piercing can damage your nerves. People who have had a tongue piercing speak of experiencing a numbness for a while. However, sometimes the numbness continues to become permanent. This is because the nerve was damaged in the process. When the hole pierced is left, it can become infected and swell to cause pain. There are patients who get a swollen tongue huge enough that it blocks their airway. There are others who experience a lot of drooling after piercing their tongues.

What Dangers Do The Metals Pose To My Oral Health?

First of all, the most common danger that the metallic pieces of jewelry pose is that of breaking your teeth while chewing. This is especially for people who have tongue jewelry. They often forget and bite on the metal which causes breakage of the tooth as well as breaks fillings for those who have. They also cause a lot of hypersensitivity. Overall, they make even dental appointments hard because these individuals cannot be put through the x-ray.

Whether you want to appear cool or just follow a trend, it is important that you consult with a doctor. Call us and book an appointment where you can get more information and advice on piercings and everything related.

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