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Can Aspirin Help A Toothache If Put On The Tooth That Hurts?

added on: April 25, 2021

Nicholas Dose, DMD Family DentistryJust like any other pain, a toothache can vary from mild to severe. At times, toothaches can be constant and persist for extended periods of time while it can be irregular and sporadic at other times. It all depends on the cause of the toothache.

In most cases, toothaches are caused by sores between the tooth and on the gums. Severe toothaches may result in fevers and most people usually resort to pain relievers. One common use of pain relievers to help with the toothache is placing an aspirin tablet on the tooth that hurts. Here’s why aspirin is not recommended for hurting tooth.

Why You Should Never Go For Aspirin If You Have A Toothache

Aspirin tablets contain acids. If you place them on your teeth, you could end up suffering from a chemical burn on your teeth. The last thing you want is to deal with a chemical burn on an already-painful tooth. It only intensifies the pain. It could also open up the wound and only make it worse.

Placing the aspirin directly on the affected tooth won’t provide the quick relief that you are hoping for. In fact, taking aspirin orally when you have a toothache is unlikely to help. Even after swallowing, residues of the aspirin could be left in your mouth and cause more damage.

When aspirin fails, most people resort to home remedies. Do not do this, you will only make matters worse. There are better pain relievers for toothaches. However, your main concern should be to deal with the root cause of the pain.

The toothache is only a symptom of an underlying problem. Visit our clinic to have a diagnosis done and the problem treated. We will also recommend better pain relievers to help with your pain. Part of good oral care is using only products that are recommended by our qualified professionals.

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