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Causes of Buck Teeth

added on: April 25, 2021

Nicholas Dose, DMD Family DentistryBuck teeth, similarly known as an overbite or a malocclusion, is a dental condition where the upper teeth horizontally overlap the lower front teeth. This condition can affect children, teenagers, and adults. Buck teeth is a hereditary dental disorder as well, meaning, it can be passed from one generation to the next. Some other causes of buck teeth are childhood habits such as sucking of the thumb and frequent use of pacifiers. Thumb-sucking, especially past the age of 3, can cause the permanent teeth to protrude in an undesirable angle. Use of a pacifier can also cause an overbite just like thumb-sucking could. Tumors and cysts in the jaw or mouth can alter the arrangement of your teeth and the shape of your jaw and mouth leading to the development of an overbite.

Health Issues Associated With Buck Teeth

Buck teeth can cause health issues, such as speech defects, breathing difficulties, chewing deficiency, damage to gums and adjacent teeth, pain during chewing, and deformation of the face. The intensity of the health issues named vary depending on how severe the overbite is and if it prevents a normal bite.

How to Treat Buck Teeth

There are different ways to treat buck teeth because every tooth that comes in will be a different size. The use of braces is the most common way to treat buck teeth. Retainers and wire braces work together to shift teeth into place. Once attached, teeth are manipulated over time to slowly move the teeth for a straightened smile.

Invisalign can help to make the teeth straight without using the popular metal braces. It involves wearing a number of custom-made plastic aligners that help shift the teeth into their proper position. Jaw surgery is also a form of treatment. A palate expander can treat infants or adolescents who have an upper jaw that is too small to accommodate their erupting adult teeth, reducing the chances of developing buck teeth.

If you suffer from buck teeth, we highly recommend you visit us so that we can start your treatment immediately, based on what would provide you with the best outcome. Call for an appointment now.

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