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Common Reasons Teeth Begin to Chip

added on: April 25, 2021

I am shocked! Surprised mature man in shirt and tie covering mouth with hand and looking at camera while standing against grey backgroundAlthough our teeth are really strong, it’s still possible for them to chip, crack or break. This is because our teeth are faced with a lot of different types of stress and strain.

Why Your Teeth Begin to Chip

One of the most common reasons why your teeth start chipping is because you’re eating hard food. One of the biggest culprits here is popcorn.

This shouldn’t be surprising though considering how popcorn kernels often get stuck between teeth and under gums. Sometimes you’ll even bite down hard on a kernel, causing your tooth to crack.

Another food that’s often a culprit here is biscotti. It’s important to mention this as this is a food that’s starting to grow more popular today. As such, we’re starting to see more patients who crack a tooth on this food.

Facial trauma from an accident or sports also commonly cause cracked teeth. This is as simple as a blow from the wrong angle. When this happens, you’ll need to see us so that we can fix your tooth.

Unfortunately, it can become old and brittle again over time. Another “natural” cause for cracked teeth is untreated cavities that grow brittle or weak. If you don’t have your tooth properly filled when there’s a cavity, you could also easily crack a tooth in that part of your mouth.

Fortunately, you probably won’t feel any immediate pain if you crack a tooth. However, if you crack your tooth all the way down to your nerve you’ll experience some occasional discomfort, especially when you’re chewing.

Regardless of whether you’re actually in pain, you’ll still want to make an appointment to see us when you do crack a tooth. We’ll check on your tooth’s health and treat it so that it doesn’t cause any further deterioration or problems.

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