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Does Veneer Trimming Hurt?

added on: April 25, 2021

Nicholas Dose, DMD Family DentistryPart of the process of getting dental veneers is trimming some of the enamel off of your teeth.

This allows the veneer to sit properly on the tooth so that you can have natural looking teeth when the procedure is done.

A lot of people worry about the trimming process, because they are worried it is going to be painful. Should you be a good candidate for the dental veneers in the first place, then the process should be nearly, if not completely, painless.

Being a Good Candidate for Dental Veneers

In order to be a good candidate for veneers, your teeth must first be healthy. You cannot get veneers if the teeth you are trying to cover are full of decay.

Instead, you must have these areas all filled in prior to getting the veneers. Next, your teeth must come down into a natural, healthy bite. If your teeth are already in pain due to bite problems or a jaw misalignment, then you should also get this fixed prior to getting veneers.

Once it has been determined that you were a good candidate, your dentist will explain the procedure to you. They will trim down a slight bit of the surface of your teeth, giving the veneers something to bond with. This typically doesn’t hurt, but is often done while numb simply to make sure you have no problems with pain, just in case.

From there, you will get temporary veneers until your full set is made by the lab and sent to your dentist’s office. Then, you will return to have them fitted, and get to enjoy the benefits of your new smile!

To find out more about veneers, contact our office. They know how the procedure works better than anyone, and can answer all of your questions for you.

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