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Easing Mouth Sores Until A Dentist Can Check Them Out

added on: April 25, 2021

Nicholas Dose, DMD Family DentistryMouth sores are common in many people. Injuries inside the mouth, such as biting your lip or the inside of your cheek, the chemistry of your mouth or having braces can all cause these sores to happen.

This is why trying to ease the discomfort of them is essential before you can see a dentist to see if they should be looked at. Here are some ways to help cope with the mouth sores that you may have.

Tips for Easing Mouth Sores


Rinse your mouth with a mixture of warm water, salt and baking soda.
Milk of Magnesia over the sores can help.
Create a thick baking soda paste to place over the sores or ulcers in the mouth.
Orajel or other over the counter mouth numbing gels can help ease the pain that they cause.
Apply ice to canker sores inside the mouth can help numb them.
Warm, black tea bag over the ulcer or sore can help to reduce swelling and ease pain.
Try a special mouthwash made specifically for people with sores to reduce the swelling and pain in the mouth. Colgate makes a specialized rinse.
Make sure you eat a healthy, rich diet to reduce the problems that are happening inside your mouth. Vitamins and minerals are essential for better dental hygiene.

If you’re suffering from recurring sores in the mouth, then speaking with our dentist is the best way to go. They can prescribe something that works to reduce the chances of canker sores, while providing something that can ease the pain. When they happen, you just want to be able to eat and drink normally again, this is why a dentist can be helpful.

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