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How Do You Protect Yourself From Oral HPV And What We Can Do To Help?

added on: April 25, 2021

Dentist showing technique of brushing teeth to his female patient in dental clinicOral HPV is a viral sexually transmitted infection that is mostly spread through skin to skin contact with an infected person. Deep kissing and vaginal and oral sex can lead to oral HPV infection. Oral HPV can result in serious health complications such as warts and cancer. Since there is no known cure for oral HPV, it is better to take preventive measures and protect yourself from the infection.

How To Protect Yourself From Oral HPV

Most people are infected with oral HPV. They just don’t know it yet because the infection has not reached an advanced stage. Some also manage to clear the infection out of their systems within a year or two. However, you shouldn’t take your chances. Oral HPV can end up in serious health complications. Here’s how you can protect yourself.

Abstain Or Practice Safe Sex

The best way to protect yourself from oral HPV is to abstain from sexual intercourse. In case you are sexually active, then you should practice safe sex and always use condoms. If you and your partner are into oral sex, then you can purchase dental dams to protect each other. It is also to avoid having multiple sexual partners because if something does happen, it could be difficult to track down the source.

Get Vaccinated

There are also vaccines that can protect you from oral HPV infection. Studies show that the vaccine, Gardasil-9, can be effective in preventing HPV infection among people between ages 9 to 26. The vaccine is usually administered over a six-month period. Children below the age of 15 get a smaller dosage compared to older people. Beyond 26 years of age, you are not eligible for the vaccination so you should consider other preventive measures.

Schedule Regular Dental Checkups With Us

Most people fail to recognize the symptoms of oral HPV until the infection is at an advanced stage. This is why you need to regularly come in for oral checkups. We have advanced technology that will diagnose any lesions in your mouth and deal with any complications early on.

Oral HPV is preventable. It is up to you to take action. Remember that your children are also vulnerable to oral HPV infection even if they are not sexually active. They may get in contact with infected peers or relatives. Take caution early enough, schedule them too for a dental check with us.

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