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How To Help Your Teeth Appear Whiter in Photos

added on: April 25, 2021

Portrait of beautiful young woman with perfect smile. Isolated on white.Sometimes saying ‘Cheese!’ isn’t enough. All of the cups of coffee, tea and just day to day living can easily turn your gorgeous smile from a brilliant white to an embarrassing, dull yellow.

That’s not good at all! So let’s look at a few little life hacks for helping you get that beautiful smile shining bright!

What a Beautiful Smile!

The first thing to remember when snapping a selfie or posing for a professional photo is to keep it natural. Relax and begin by thinking about a favorite memory, something that easily brings a smile to your face. A fake smile is easy to spot, so keep it real, hold that memory and not only will your mouth smile, but your eyes will smile too.

Great dental hygiene is a huge factor in the perfect photo. Daily brushing and flossing will boost your confidence and help you put your best smile forward!

There are plenty of apps and photoshop tools that can help you with everything from brightening your smile to reducing the appearance of red eye. These are fantastic for touching up the occasional photo, but what about staining? We offer many services to get your smile camera ready.

Call us today and ask about our services or come in for a cleaning and we’ll help you get rid of tartar buildup and check for any cavities that need filling. In a consultation, we can discuss options with you that include everything from a one-time whitening procedure to a multi visit plan to brighten your smile.

Put Your Best Look Forward

We love to see you smile! Call us today to schedule your next cleaning or whitening consultation and get those pearly whites sparkling! You will leave our office feeling confident that your smile is shining brightly for the world to see!

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