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Is a Water Flosser Better for Your Teeth?

added on: April 25, 2021

Nicholas Dose, DMD Family DentistryIf you are like most people, you both love and hate floss. You love how clean it gets your mouth, but hate using it each day.

It is difficult to get in where you need it, and it is time consuming.

If you were to have access to something that would give you the same great results, but was easy to use and took less time, would that make it easier for you? If so, then you may want to consider getting a water flosser.

Water Flossing is Often Easier

If you hate flossing, you are much less likely to do it at all, let alone do it right. This means that your mouth is being exposed to a wide range of bacteria, and that could lead to lifelong health issues, on top of issues that are solely in your mouth.

Consider something a bit more convenient. Using a water flosser allows you to floss in a fraction of the time, gives you really good results that your dentist will even enjoy, and it is really easy to use.

If this is something you would consider using, you should look into a water flosser. Once you find a way to floss that you find much less annoying than traditional floss, you are far more likely to do it daily, plus do it right.

This means that, while water flossing may not necessarily be better for you than traditional flossing, if it is something you are using more often and more effectively, it is better for you.

Take the time to learn how to use it right, and contact our office about the switch. He or she can tell you tips and tricks to make using it more effective, and give you the best results from its use.

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