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Is Aspirin Safe When Your Tooth Hurts?

added on: April 25, 2021

MedicineAspirin has been around for many years. It is considered one of the best pain relievers for most adults out there.

When you find yourself with a toothache, you may automatically reach for an aspirin, but that is not always the best option you have.

Make sure you know what is safe to do with aspirin and what is not. Here are some guidelines about using aspirin for a toothache.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Aspirin When Your Tooth Hurts

Do use aspirin if you are an adult who has been told by either their dentist or their physician that it is safe to take aspirin.

Don’t give aspirin to children as it has shown that it can lead to the development of Reye’s Syndrome, which could prove deadly. This is especially true if Chicken Pox or the flu have recently gone through your child. The same goes if you are pregnant, as it can pass along to your unborn child.

Do use aspirin if you are a man over 40 that does not have any stomach issues, as it can also help keep your blood flowing smoothly. Don’t use aspirin if you have ulcers or other similar issues with your stomach, as aspirin is known to be a bit rough on the stomach lining.

Taking aspirin is safe for most toothaches so long as you still make an appointment to go in and see your dentist. They need to take a peek at what is causing the toothache, so they can help alleviate the pain.

Make sure to never place an aspirin on the area that hurts directly, as it could burn the tissue since aspirin is an acid to begin with. Just make sure to take it as directed and go in and contact our office as soon as they can see you.

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