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My Tooth Was Knocked Out!

added on: April 25, 2021

Nicholas Dose, DMD Family DentistryA knocked out tooth is not necessarily the end of the tooth. There is a small window of time that the tooth can be placed back and restored. The key is reacting with the right steps and timely.

By taking proper emergency action, we can save a tooth that has been knocked out of its socket, replant it, and that tooth can last you for many more years. Saving a natural tooth is always the best option.

What do I do if my tooth is knocked out?

Your immediate steps following a tooth being knocked out can make a difference.

Recover the tooth.
Try to touch only the crown of the tooth, we want to minimize injury to the root if possible.
If the tooth is dirty, it’s ok to lightly rinse, but DO NOT scrub away anything off the tooth, you do not want to remove any of the tissue.
If possible, place the tooth right back into its empty slot, then place a wadded cloth in with it to help keep it stable on your way to the dentist office.
Go to your dentist office immediately, this is a time sensitive process, seeing you sooner than later is best.
If you are unable to place the tooth back into its slot, or if the child is young enough that you are afraid of them swallowing it, place the tooth in a cup of milk. Milk is preferable to water because of some of the enzymes in milk.

A missing tooth can have other long term effects. An empty space in your mouth can lead to teeth shifting out of place, bone atrophy, incorrect bite and jaw pain. Having a tooth knocked out does have a chance for restoration, act quickly and intelligently.

Please contact us if you are suffering from a knocked out tooth!

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