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Protect Your Teeth by Breaking Your Sugar Addiction

added on: April 25, 2021

Nicholas Dose, DMD Family DentistryYour dentist has warned you against the dangers of eating too much sugar when it comes to your teeth, and you are ready to make a change.

However, it is just so hard to give up those sweets! If you have a sweet tooth and need a little help to break your sugar addiction, try some of these strategies.

Make a Clean Break
With some addictions, the best way to give up your problem substance is to just go cold turkey. Stop consuming all types of sugar so that your brain has a chance to rest and recuperate, and this can help you to get past your sugar cravings.

Be on the Look Out or Sneaky Sugars

Take some time to read the labels and nutritional information on your food packaging. There are some foods that are full of sugar even though you would have never expected it. Look for terms that end in “-ose”, such as sucrose, dextrose, or fructose. Corn syrup is another major giveaway.

Do a Kitchen Cleanse

Clear out your kitchen pantry of any sugary items, and instead, stock up on snacks that are sugar-free. If you don’t have access to sugar and need to rely on healthier items, your cravings will begin to subside.

Handle Your Cravings When They Arise

When you are trying to give up a sugar addiction, chances are good that you are going to experience cravings. It is important to know how you’ll handle them when they pop up.

Do something to distract yourself, such as going for a walk or having a tall glass of water. If you ignore them, most food cravings should pass.

Don’t be a slave to your sugar addiction any longer! Use some of these tips to break your dependency – your teeth and the rest of your body will thank you later.

Please contact us if you have any questions about breaking your sugar addiction.

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