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Reasons To Fix Missing Teeth

added on: December 30, 2021

When we’re little, isn’t it funny how amusing it is when we have a missing tooth or teeth? It’s really not such a laughing matter when we’re older adults. Aside from taking a toll on your self-confidence, having a missing tooth or teeth can also negatively affect your overall health as well.

Your dentist in Lake Oswego will always tell you that replacing a lost tooth is very important. That’s why we always make sure that removing a tooth or teeth is our last option. While dental implants are the go-to tooth replacement, there’s nothing quite like your natural teeth. Here are some really big reasons why we encourage you to get rid of the gaps and fix your missing teeth:

Reason #1 – You don’t want an unbalanced bite.

Your teeth rely on another to do their many important jobs. They work together to help keep each other in proper positioning. When a tooth is missing, it can throw everything out of alignment the longer you wait to get a dental implant or tooth replacement. If left untreated, your whole mouth and even your body can face consequences.

Reason #2 – You don’t want decay or gum disease.

Your dentist in Lake Oswego can show you that when teeth shift out of alignment, it can leave them susceptible to decay, cavities, and gum disease because food debris and bacteria move into newly formed gaps. Misaligned teeth are also a bit trickier to keep clean with routine at-home dental care. Not fixing missing teeth can also lead to problems with your jaw muscles and joints.

Reason #3 – You don’t want to look older than you are.

If your missing teeth deteriorate your jawbone and surrounding muscles, your facial muscles can start to break down, giving you a “sunken” appearance that adds unwanted years to your age. Not fixing your teeth means you might also compromise your diet and nutritional needs due to the loss of function in your bite.

You should never ignore a missing tooth or teeth. By not addressing them, there could be more extensive problems down the road that are more likely to cause more costly issues. Please call our dental office in Lake Oswego today to arrange an implant consultation. We can take the time to listen to your needs and create a plan of action to give you back your healthy smile and confidence.