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You Need to Talk with Us If You Snore

added on: April 25, 2021

Nicholas Dose, DMD Family DentistryMany people joke about snoring, but it’s no laughing matter. Women enjoy poking fun at their partner and complain they keep them awake with their snoring.

There is some truth to those beliefs because research suggests men snore more than women. As a matter of fact, a recent study concluded that men are almost twice as likely to snore than women.

But why should you be concerned if you snore? In some cases, snoring could be a symptom of a more severe condition, such as sleep apnea.

Why Should You Tell Us If You Snore?

Snoring is very common and according to some studies about 60 percent of adults snore at night. This condition usually indicates there is a problem with your nasal passages while you sleep, and this can impede normal breathing. In sleep apnea, the airways are obstructed which interrupts breathing several times a night.

Without treatment, some of these conditions can be extremely dangerous to your health. Lack of oxygen can cause damage to the brain.

Snoring can also cause problems with your oral health such as dry mouth because you sleep with your mouth open. This can reduce the amount of saliva you produce at night, which can cause things like bad breath, sores, infections, and gum disease. A dry mouth is also the ideal environment for bacteria growth.

Other than being a male, other reasons for snoring include family history, narrow airway, enlarged tongue muscles or tonsils, nasal congestion, smoking or drinking in excess.

Please let us know if you know or suspect you snore. We will conduct a detailed examination and try to determine the best treatment for you. It is best to take care of the nuisance of snoring before it affects other areas of your life. In general, people who snore don’t get a good night’s sleep and this can disrupt their normal activities and energy level.

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