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A Complete Guide to Maintaining Your Dentures

added on: April 25, 2021

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Well cared for dentures are important to maintain them and sustain great oral health. Oral hygiene is a breeze when you choose to take good care of your dentures. Following a few simple rules when maintaining your dentures will ensure their longevity, and guarantee amazing oral health.

Effective Denture Maintenance

To begin with, remember that it is necessary to remove your dentures and wash them after every meal or snack. The practice of removing and washing them washes away any food debris that is stuck on them. You should also rinse and gargle your mouth to wash away all food debris from your gums.

Make it a daily practice to brush and clean your dentures. Use a soft-bristled brush and clean it with a gentle denture cleanser. Using hard bristles could damage the dentures. Never use hard or stiff brushes or harsh detergents as this could wear down the material and cause irreparable damage to the dentures.

Night Care for Your Dentures

At night, remove the dentures and soak them in denture-soaking solutions or even plain water. This step is important to keep them moist and supple and also helps retain the right shape. When you wake up the next day, rinse them thoroughly in freshwater before placing them in position again. Never use boiling water to clean dentures. They can get warped and out of the shape and they won’t fit your mouth well.

As a rule of thumb, you must handle the cleaning process gently. Any rough handling can render the clasps and or plastic damaged thereby causing discomfort in your mouth. Finally, if you feel the dentures are a loose fit, it is important to give us a call and we will rectify it. This helps avoid any oral complications like irritation or mouth sores. To learn more about dentures and how to maintain them well, walk into our office and we will be glad to assist.

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