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What does Fluoride do for Teeth Protection

added on: April 25, 2021

Fluoride was Nicholas Dose, DMD Family Dentistryadded to the drinking water source, Grand Rapids in Michigan, in 1945, a decade after a scientist discovered its tooth saving properties. Most other cities in the United States followed suit, but some, like Portland, continue to vote against Fluoride’s addition in the water sources. Here, we debunk some myths and discuss the role of Fluoride in preventing tooth decay.

What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in the air, the soil, and in drinking water in most other cities in the United States.

debunking Fluoride Myths

The most common myth regarding fluoridated water is that Fluoride isn’t natural. However, that isn’t true, and Fluoride is naturally present in the soil and does leach into groundwater. It is also naturally found in the above groundwater sources.

The second most common myth is that it does nothing for teeth protection and leaves people more susceptible to cancer and down syndrome. Contrary to popular belief in cities like Portland, people living in areas with fluoridated water sources show fewer signs of tooth decay than people living in areas without fluoridated water. Several studies back up the claims as well.

How Does Fluoride Prevent Tooth Decay

When the bacteria in your mouth break down food, it releases an acid that slowly eats away the enamel, resulting in tooth decay and cavities. Dentists recommend using fluoride-rich dental products to help prevent tooth cavities because the naturally occurring mineral is known to strengthen the enamel and reverse early tooth decay. Fluoride is naturally present in our teeth as well, and using dental products containing a limited amount of Fluoride can be incredibly beneficial for your teeth.

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