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Is a Sinus Infection Causing Your Toothache?

added on: April 25, 2021

Brunette with a toothacheDo you suddenly have a terrible toothache despite getting the “all clear” from your dentist only a couple of months ago? It could be that you actually have a sinus infection, and this is a common occurrence. Many people believe they have a problem with a tooth when they are actually battling sinusitis.

The Sinuses Can Cause Tooth Pain

The maxillary sinus, which is the sinus cavity found above the upper teeth, comes extremely close to the roots of the upper molars.

When you have a sinus infection, these cavities can become inflamed, and this swelling can push into the roots of the molars. This can lead to tooth pain that is due to nothing more than the pressure in your sinuses.

Determining Where the Pain is Coming From
If you have severe tooth pain, your dentist will likely take an X-ray to better understand where the pain is coming from. Other tests include an exam, feeling for infection, and tapping on the tooth to better understand if the pain is actually coming from it. If your teeth don’t show signs of a cavity and appear to be completely healthy, it may be time to try and explore other sources of the pain, including a sinus infection.

Treating Your Sinus Infection

If it is determined that you have a sinus infection, curing the infection should eliminate your tooth pain. There are a variety of great decongestants that you can get over-the-counter that will help, including Sudafed, but if your doctor believes that a bacterial infection is the cause of the problem, you might also be prescribed antibiotics.

You can also use nasal spray that contains ephedrine or phenylephrine, and a humidifier that moistens the air that you breathe can also help to loosen up any secretions that might have accumulated up in your sinuses.

If you aren’t sure of what is causing your toothache, contact us today to set up an appointment.

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