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Medical Conditions That Affect Teeth and Gums

added on: April 25, 2021

Oral health isn’t just about taking care of your gumsDentist showing technique of brushing teeth to his female patient in dental clinic and teeth – it also includes taking care of your body. This is because oral and physical health are linked – there are many medical conditions that directly and indirectly affect your oral health. We have outlined some of the most popular ones below.


Those suffering from diabetes should pay special attention to their oral health because they are more likely to develop cavities which can lead to tooth decay and loss of teeth. Diabetes can also cause periodontitis, i.e., severe gum disease. This can be avoided by making sure that your blood sugar is under control, and by practicing good oral hygiene.

High Blood Pressure

While this doesn’t directly affect oral health, it still results in oral disease. This is because medication to lower blood pressure may cause gingival enlargement, i.e., a disease that causes a person’s gums to increase in size.

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Acid Reflux

Acid reflux, or gastroesophageal reflux disease affects your teeth by damaging your tooth enamel. Stomach acid dissolves enamel and so, those suffering from acid reflux usually have signs of erosion on their back teeth.

To combat this, stop eating at least two hours before you go to bed. You can also avoid things like caffeine, alcohol, and acidic food to reduce this. During the day, those with acid reflux can rinse their mouths with water upon feeling the effects of the condition. You should also avoid brushing your teeth right afterwards since this does more harm than good. Because the acid has softened the enamel, brushing your teeth will only damage them.

If you suffer from any of these conditions, please make sure to keep an eye on your oral health. If you’re concerned about how this might affect you, Dr. Dose and can go over any and all details with you.

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