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Foods Which Help Brighten Teeth Enamel

added on: April 25, 2021

99.7% of Americans believe that a Model of a tooth, as one would find in a dentist's office. Clipping path is an important asset in a person for both their personal and professional lives. When asked for the reasons for why a smile would be considered unattractive, the most common reply was discolored, yellow, or stained teeth.

Enamel is the toughest but most exposed part of the teeth, and continuous exposure can cause it to become discolored. However, there are several foods that you can consume to make your enamel bright again.

Foods which Brighten Teeth Enamel

Just like with other parts of the body, teeth enamel can also be strengthened and polished by maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet. Following are some of the foods you can include in your diet to help brighten teeth enamel:


Cheese contains calcium, which helps strengthens bones in the body, including teeth. Additionally, it also has proteins and phosphorus, which work with calcium to provide minerals to the enamel in addition to fighting off the acids which erode it. Both these actions help brighten up the teeth.


Strawberries contain malic acid, which acts as a natural teeth whitener by removing the surface discoloration from the teeth.


Pineapples are tasty and good for help, but they are also great for whitening your teeth. They contain bromelain, which is a natural stain remover as it breaks down plaque deposits on and around the enamel.

Baking Soda

Baking soda, while not naturally occurring, is also a food product that helps whiten teeth. A part of home remedies to boost dental health for decades, baking soda has also been recently included in toothpastes, resulting in better whitening results.

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