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What to Do If Your Crown Falls Off

added on: April 25, 2021

While crowns generally should Dental crowns and toothnot fall off, there are times when they might become dislodged, and the only remedy is as simple as recementing it back onto the tooth. Some patients, however, tend to panic when this happens. As concerning as this may be, we assure you that this is fairly normal, and that it helps to be calm and clear-minded during the ordeal.

What You Should Do When This Happens

When you notice that your crown has fallen off, you should first keep calm and examine your surroundings. Your first thought should be on where the crown is. If it has fallen on the floor or you were able to spit it out while eating food, then carefully clean it out with water and place it in a clean container to keep it safe.

Conversely, you may unintentionally swallow the crown. This is perfectly safe, and the crown will pass through your digestive tract soon enough. Even an amalgam crown, it is still safe to swallow. Please do note that if this does happen, the crown is no longer safe to use and you will need a new one to replace it.

Afterward, you should come to the dental office or schedule an appointment to have the crown recemented on your tooth. If this does not seem possible at the moment, then you may want to avoid chewing on the affected area. This can help minimize any discomfort to you while you wait for us to recement the crown onto your tooth.

Normally, dental crowns may fall off during the first three months after they have been installed. This happens when there is too little dental cement on it. However, over time, tooth decay around the area of the crown can form loose gaps that loosen the fitting. If you are concerned about the risk of losing your dental crown, then a trip to our office can help us determine if your crown is becoming loose.

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