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Mouth Guards Can Help You Protect Your Teeth from Daily Damage

added on: April 25, 2021

MouthguardMouth guards are coverings that are worn over the teeth primarily as a means of protection. They help to lessen the impact of a blow to the face, reduce the likelihood of chipped or broken teeth, and prevent injuries or damage to your tongue, lips, or jaw.

Mouth guards or mouth protectors should be worn by anyone who suffers from bruxism or teeth grinding or clenching to prevent the teeth from being damaged. Athletes who play contact sports like boxing, basketball, football, and hockey, among others, should also wear mouth guards for protection.

Common Types of Dental Health Mouth Guards

If you are planning on wearing a mouth guard, know that there are essentially three types of dental health mouth guards. One is stock mouth protectors which can be readily bought at sporting goods and even department stores. They are ready to wear, but since they are not tailor-fitted to your mouth they can hinder your breathing and uncomfortable to wear.

Another type is the boil and bite mouth protectors that usually provide a better fit than stock mouth since it is placed in hot water to soften so it can be shaped around the teeth. The best type of mouth guard, however, is a custom-fitted mouth protector which is specifically made for you. Drop by our office so we can create a custom-made mouth guard that offers the best fit and utmost comfort and protection.

Caring for Your Mouth Guards

Taking care of your mouth guard is important not only to lengthen its lifespan, but to prevent oral health issues as well. For one, you have to clean and rinse your mouth guard with a toothbrush and cold water before and after use. Secondly, you should keep your mouth protector in a perforated container to prevent it from getting damaged and to allow better air circulation.

Regular inspection of your mouth guard is a must as well so that you can immediately notice holes or tears. For all your mouth guard and other dental health concerns make sure to get in touch with us for a consultation and more information.

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